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Thursday, March 06, 2003


The UN! (huh!) What is it good for?
It's becoming pretty clear that the UN is on the fast track to making itself irrelevant as a political body. Instapundit links a Telegraph piece that suggests that the US will pull out temporarily if 1442 is vetoed. I've been weighing the idea of no-more-UN for a while, and recently decided upon a position touched on by David Adesnik's hardcore fisking of a silly NYT editorial:
As for "the system of collective security" that the NYT is so fond of, might I ask to whom it has provided security? I believe that the UN plays a critical role in international politics, but providing security is not something that it has ever been able to do. Ask the Bosnians. Ask the Kosovars. Ask the Rwandans. What the UN does do is help rebuild nations after dictators have wrecked them and/or the United States has overthrown those dictators with force.
David seems to think the UN will stick around in more or less its current form after the upcoming debacle, while I'm less sure. But its humanitarian efforts are certainly commendable, as David points out, and it will stay around doing those jobs for a while, I hope. It'd be nice, though, if it dropped the whole "security" pretense altogether, however.
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