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Friday, March 21, 2003


Wall Street seems to like Shock and Awe
The most entertaining piece of watching the Shock and Awe bombings on TV was the stock ticker on the screen. It kept ticking up every minute or so, and was downright funny. It's easy to say "Oh, war is good for the economy," though that isn't exactly true. A short war is remarkably good for the economy, as this MSNBC article explains, and is therefore good for Bush as well.

Which brings me to a prediction--Bush will be attacked by someone, somewhere, because the economy is doing well as a result (presumably) of the swift attack. It will be something along the lines of "selfish" or "bully" or "warmonger" or "oil man," though this spike (+207 at the moment) has obviously nothing to do with oil. And, of course, we all know Bush would be attacked even more fiercly if the Dow was bottoming out at the moment.
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