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Thursday, March 13, 2003


We like Lech
Lech Walesa supports the United States in this whole Iraq mess.
"International authorization for the United States is today the only way to solve common problems," Walesa said in a statement. "In view of the ineffectiveness of U.N. actions, the international community must authorize the United States and its allies, as its representatives, to take the necessary action."
I suppose I should have expected it, considering his own run-ins with totalitarian oppressors with access to weapons of mass destruction, but I suppose I've grown pessimistic--and he's grown a little nutty, admittedly. Last I heard he was speaking at my brother's school telling people that capitalism was doomed. But I suppose you don't need to have a capitalist mindset to see evil for what it really is.

Though, all things considered, it apparently helps.

But I won't quibble in this case. Walesa's a hero any way you slice it, and it's nice to know that he agrees with me in this instance (and he's apparently no fan of the EU, either).
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