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Saturday, April 05, 2003


Amnesty for Conscience
As mopping-up operations continue in Baghdad, American forces are collaborating with as many Iraqi factions as possible to set up the framework for a democratic Iraqi government. As Americans, we realize that many voices are necessary for the fair and legitimate governance of such a diverse nation. With over 200 years' experience behind us, we know that democracy thrives on discord, balancing differing viewpoints and allowing for peaceful and productive change.

We know this, in America, because we have lived it in the past. But today, in the Land of the Free, freedom is dying as another man of conscience is sacrificed to the gods of social sensitivity. Before this morning, I had never heard of Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. I should have. After a quick perusal of his senate home page, I've seen evidence of a man with strong convictions and little taint of the political waffling so common in our legislators. Whether you or I agree with his political stance is less important than the fact that he has a political stance, a very definite one, and stands up for it. And now the vultures have decided he's dead meat, because of a comment he made on Lawrence v. Texas, a Supreme Court case ruling whether or not private sodomy can be illegal in Texas. Here is exactly what the Senator said:

"If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything,"

The Associated Press printed the quote reading "consensual (gay) sex," to make the quotation apply more directly to Texas' sodomy ban, rather than to the implications of the Supreme Court ruling. This scuffuffle has all been made even more murky by the fact that the press has splintered along party lines, as usual, and left-wing writers are doing their best to smear right-wing Senator Santorum.

Here is my question: How was senator Santorum wrong in what he said? The Supreme Court may strike down any law in the land, and a ruling allowing any and all consensual sex would, in fact, make not only sodomy, but also bigamy, polygamy, incest, and adultery legal. Any time two consenting adults, or, indeed, as many as wanted to, decided to do something and call it sex, it can now be argued, based on Lawrence v. Texas, that it is a-okay with the Supreme Court. Senator Santorum is absolutely correct, and his statement has nothing whatsoever to do with gay rights.

Yet none of this matters. My argument is defunct, invalidated by its very logic. Because the media can never be wrong, and they have decided that Senator Santorum's statement is an attack on homosexual rights, and for that, he must die. Politically speaking, of course. Because no politician, whatever his or her principles, is allowed to believe or, shudder, say that homosexuality could be wrong.

And so the only question left is this: will Rick Santorum fade quietly from politics, as the vultures wish, will he go out in a blaze of press conferences and protests, or will someone, anyone, stand up for him and for the rights of an American with conscience to say what he believes?

Will anyone stand up for freedom?
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