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Tuesday, April 22, 2003


Be nice to me
I gave at the blood drive. That's what my sticker says. If I was a really cool blogger, like Instapundit, I would have a picture of me doing the deed, so as to garner even more sympathy than I al already planning on demanding from the world for the oh-so literal giving of myself. But I'm not so cool, and so I don't.

Like the Professor, however, I will comment on the remarkably stringent policies the Red Cross has on who can donate, especially regarding foreign travel. Last year, my distaste for needles was abetted by the fact that I had recently spent time in the Dominican Republic, a hardcore no-no for blood donaters. This year, aside from having shamed myself into giving blood by pointing out that friends of mine are in Iraq, so giving blood is, almost literally, the least I can do, I'm safe--my one day in London and my month in Amsterdam not being enough to prevent me. But one friend of mine who helped organize the blood drive here couldn't give blood because he had spent that month in Ecuador, and another hyper-socially concious friend, who would normally jump at a chance like this, can never give blood because she always spends her summers in the slums of Rio or something. If things go as I plan, and I spend as much time travelling as I hope to in the future, I won't be able to give blood very often either.

This all means that the very pool of people who would normally give blood--that is to say, healthy, young, aware of the world around them--are more and more unable to, both because restrictions keep getting tighter, and because us young, healthy, aware citizens keep gaining more opportunities to travel. It's up to the sedentary aware people--of whom America has it's fair share--to keep the blood supply flowing.
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