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Tuesday, April 01, 2003


The beginning of baseball-blogging
Mariners start today, which means there is going to be significantly more baseball blogging by yours truly in the coming months. I've followed the aroma all the way to the source, the great big apple pie that is the American pastime. And now, I start paying attention.

I'm rooting for the Red Sox in the East, as always (my enemy's enemy is my friend), but I can't help being immensely happy for Lou Pinella and the Devil Rays after a '95 Mariners-esque comeback last night. I'm gonna miss that guy like the dickens. Especially when news articles say things like "Piniella may not want to take too much credit for the exciting victory, but he is the one who put the right people in the right places at the right time on a big day." The right people. The right places. Lou's good at that. Really good. Man, I'm going to miss him.

There was, of course, good news for Yankee-haters everywhere. Does it make me evil to revel in the injury of another human being, even if it is Derek Jeter? Possibly. But he's a Yankee. And just as importantly, does it make me evil that when a friend informed me that "Jeter's going to be in months of rehab," I assumed it was drug or alcohol related? Possibly. But he's a Yankee.
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