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Wednesday, April 02, 2003


Better baseball bloggers than me
So, yes, I'll be doing more baseball blogging. Having decided that, I also decided to look into the fairly widespread phenomenon of baseball blogging. There is, no surprise, a lot of it, and mainly by people who know far more about the game than I. Me, I just like the poetry of a double play that should have been a double and the tension of two outs, two on, down two in the ninth and the strategy. I just like the sound of bats on balls and fans on feet. I just like to see my boys win and the Yankees lose.

As you can probably tell, I'm a writer before I'm a scientist, and I'm certainly no statistician, but there are baseball bloggers out there who are more impressive in both arenas than I. The Score Bard, for example, has me beat in the limerick department. The Bambino's Curse is a classy blog by a BoSox fan. Baseball Musings is a very good blog by David Pinto who was the lead researcher for ESPN's Baseball Tonight for 10 years and hosted Baseball Tonight Online on ESPN.com. Mike Cameron has an online journal, but it hasn't been updated in a month. Last is Bobby's Sports and News Bloggy, the only other blog I can find that focuses on the Seattle Mariners. He's also got a lot of very good links.

But none of them have longwinded analyses of the innate problems with the anti-war movement, do they?
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