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Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Finally--a marvelous Mariners blog
Bob Mong has found the U.S.S. Mariner, a group blog by some very prolific sports writers, devoted to Mariners blogging. It's wonderful. An excerpt:
Well, they got exactly what they needed tonight: 7 strong innings from Pineiro and one each from Rhodes and Sasaki. Well, that and a miracle hit from Jeff Cirillo. On a serious note, is there something in the water at Safeco Field? Pineiro's wife had a baby last week, Rhodes' wife had a baby this weekend, Giovanni Carrara's wife just gave birth to twins, and I read today that Carlos Guillen's wife is expecting any day now. Like they said on the broadcast today, the Mariners lead the league in babies. If Dave Neihaus' wife is found to be pregnant, then we'll know something is up.
Speaking of the Mariners, I'm feeling pretty good about them. The AL West is shaping up to be a remarkably dogfight. M's, A's and Angels are all knotted up at 7 wins and 6 losses apeice, and Texas is a scant two games behind. Things will probably stay this way for a while, though everyone's records will get better once we stop playing all the good teams, which happen to be concentrated on the West Coast, and get to beat up on the lousy teams in the rest of the league for a while.
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