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Thursday, April 03, 2003


Iraqi heroes
A poster at The Agonist points out this article from the Marine Corps News about the Iraqi man who tipped off the Marines to the location of Pvt. Jessica Lynch, and the rest of his remarkable family.
"I came to the hospital to visit my wife," said the Iraqi man whose wife was a nurse. "I could see much more security than normal."

The man, who, for his protection, will only be identified as Mohammad, asked one of the doctors about the increased security. "He told me there was a woman American soldier there."

Together, the two went to see her. Peering through the room's window, Mohammad saw a sight he claims will stay with him for a life. An Iraqi colonel slapped the soldier who had been captured after a fierce firefight, March 23. First with his palm; then with his backhand.

"My heart stopped," he said in a soft tone. "I knew then I must help her be saved. I decided I must go to tell the Americans."
When reporting back to the Marines on March 30, he brought five different maps he and his wife made. He was able to point to the exact room the captured soldier was being held in. He also handed over the security layout, reaction plan and times that shift changes occurred.

He had counted 41 bad guys, and determined a helicopter could land on the hospital's roof. It was just the information the Marines needed.
Mohammad and his family are now in a secure location and have been granted refugee status. He doesn't feel safe in An Nasryah, but he hopes things will improve as the war against the regime advances.

"Iraq is not a safe place while Saddam Hussein is in power," Mohammad said. "He kills the Iraqi people whenever he wants. I believe the Americans will bring peace and security to the people of Iraq."

The whole story is really worth reading, though some have written it off as merely propaganda--it does come directly from the military, after all. But I am far less skeptical--it does not behoove propaganda to be so long and detailed. Though, of course, it is propaganda, of a sort. But recently, the best propaganda has been the truth. I'm very interested to see if this, in actuality, true. If so, I hope this guy gets a medal.

UPDATE: More cold water on the propaganda theory, as this article has even more information on Mohammad and his family.
"Believe me, not only I, all the people of Iraq, not the people in the government, like Americans," Mohammed said. "They want to help the Americans, but they are all afraid."
God bless him for not being afraid. As Orrin Judd points out, "No nation that can produce a Mohammed is beyond hope."
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