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Sunday, April 06, 2003


Mariners blogging, finally
I realize that blogging about the M's only after their first blowout win of the season may make it seem as if I'm only interested in good news, but the fact is that I have a very good reason not to have blogged. Besides being frustrated with some remarkably ineffective performances by the Mariners, I was downright furious with the even more remarkably ineffective performance of MLB Gameday Audio. And I've decided that if Ed at Bambino's Curse can rant about MLB.com's poor service, so can I. So, here I go.

Impoverished college student that I am, I plunked down my 11.95 (approximately 36 meals of Top Ramen) to listen to the Mariners while I'm out here in Twins-land (well, Vikings-land, really, but that's another post entirely) this spring and fall. I've done it the last two years, no problem (though the price keeps going up, I've noticed...). This year, however, RealOne Player (the most ineffective and untrustworthy media player there is) has decided not to work. Ever. Oh, it does everything it's supposed to--except play Mariners' games. I keep getting the ridiculously (though not approriately) inspecific "General Error." There are instructions on how to deal with this--apparently, all you have to do is uninstall RealOne, then reinstall it, and you'll be ok. Ha. I've done that five times, at minimum, but does it matter? Not a bit. So I email RealOne tech support, and they take forever to get back to me, and tell me to uninstall RealOne, then reinstall it, and I'll be ok. Thanks. I spent over half an hour on hold on the MLB.com help line, left a message last night asking them to call me back as soon as possible, and have heard nada. Last night was my last night to get a refund (which you get by calling the help line, conveniently) so now I'm stuck with a system that apparently doesn't work. Great.

But, on the upside, M's hitting came alive, finally! Not too hard against Texas, admittedly, but it's nice--and both more difficult and nice was our pitching. I'll take the Rangers held to two runs any day of the week. Bad news, of course, was Edgar's injury, though it doesn't look like it will keep him out too long. Good news was that when Mabry got to hit for him, he smacked a bases loaded double. I could get used to games like this...

Now, if I could just listen to them...
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