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Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Missing the point
There's been a great deal of talk in the past couple days about France becoming uneasy about their unilateralist anti-war stance--and with threats like the one below, who can blame them? But some of them, at least, don't seem to be getting the point entirely. Here's an interesting example of that:
Other experts, such as Philippe Moreau Defarges, Special Advisor at the French Institute of International Relations in Paris, believe the anti-war coalition, which includes Germany and Russia, may soon crumble, leaving France isolated.
Well, duh.
"It's clear this coalition between Paris, Berlin and Moscow was really an artificial coalition," said Mr. Defarges. "It's certain that Russia and Mr. [Vladimir] Putin will want to play its own game and to reconcile with the United States. Particularly, but not only, because of Iraq and the oil contracts. Concerning Germany, it's clear the German chancellor is not a very strong man, and he will try at the end of the day to reconcile with Washington."
Of course, so will Chirac...
At the same time, Mr. Defarges says, the United States may be too busy trying to reconstruct Iraq to worry about sparring with France. That, he adds, may ultimately be very good news for the French government.
And here he misses the point. Reconstructing Iraq is exactly how we're going to spar with France! Shutting them out entirely, and keeping their corruption, poisonous ideology and oil companies far away from Iraq. Very good news? Just go on believing that.
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