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Thursday, April 03, 2003


My ideas
I realize this happens to everyone, but it's becoming fairly consistent that the biotech industry steals the ideas right out of my head. This one, for example, I came up with years ago:
Scientists have used genetic engineering to turn ordinary blood cells into potent cancer killers... The researchers engineered the lymphocytes by fusing a "homing" gene that specifically targets bowel cancer cells with a "kill" gene that causes the white cells to launch an attack. Laboratory experiments were carried out to test the ability of the engineered lymphocytes to target bowel cancer. Modified T-cells from all 10 patients showed powerful anti-cancer activity. The hybrid "seek and destroy" gene caused them to zero-in on and kill the cancer cells.

I came up with this idea years ago--though my plan was to develop bateria to do the job. This makes more sense than my idea, though, as the wbc's already have the equipment, and the right identification to get into the body.

This is exciting, because it is the first in a long line of cells engineered to do various specific tasks. Eventually, cells could be developed that dissolve cholestorol, clean out specific toxins, synthesize nutrients that we otherwise have to get from other sources, or do any number of other very helpful things. The possibilities are seriously endless. It is exciting.
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