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Thursday, April 03, 2003


A pro-American fatwa?
The Shi'ite cleric freed in Najaf has issued a fatwa instructing Iraqis not to interfere with Coalition forces. This is very good news, hopefully clearing up confusion for Shi'ites in Iraq who are confused about what side they should be on. With a little luck, it will have more far-reaching implications, perhaps making Muslims outside of Iraq recognize that this isn't an America-vs-Islam thing. I am not optimistic about that, but I hope the Administration and military give this as much play as they possibly can, and to squeeze every ounce of PR out of it that they can. Even a little bit more Muslim sympathy will help.

It is possible to be dissapointed that he didn't urge Shi'ites to assist the Coalition and take up arms against Saddam--but I'm not. I don't approve of religious leaders asking anyone to take up arms against anyone--that's, in large part, how we got into this mess in the first place.

(Thanks to my "Air Force Correspondent" Ryan Hanson for the tip.)
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