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This here blog is a glimpse or two or three at the condition of the 'fortress of our family' through the eyes Timothy Goddard, a Christian writer with an unhealthy interest in politics living in the Puget Sound area.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2003


A question
That sign looks awfully... you know... English.  And printed.  And professional, in a green-haired protester sort of way.Where did this sign come from? It looks remarkably professional, not at all like the handwritten signs we've become used to seeing in Iraq. I'm just going to guess that an Iraqi print shop didn't just start printing them up and handing them out. Perhaps they were paid for by some wealthy Iraqis who don't like America? Hardline Shiites, holed up Baathists, that sort of person? Possible. I'm of the mind that these are being provided by decidedly non-Iraqi sources. It's hard to say. This is the only picture I can find of this--it was on the Netscape.com main page when I saw it, and haven't been able to dig up any other shots of similar signs. If anyone else has, or has any theories, or better yet, knows anything solid, let me know.
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