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Saturday, April 05, 2003


The system works
Via Voice from the Commonwealth comes this heartwarming story about congress telling off France, Germany, Russia and Syria.
The House of Representatives passed a supplementary budget amendment excluding France, Germany, Russia and Syria from taking part in US-funded reconstruction bids in Iraq, because they opposed the US-led war in Iraq.

Proposed by Minnesota congressman Mark Kennedy, a Republican unrelated to the famous Kennedy clan, and passed by show of hands, the measure would even bar access by the four countries to information on reconstruction bids in Iraq.

Why does this warm my heart? Well, let me tell you a little bit about Mark Kennedy. First off, he looks like a goofy-looking version of Tom Hanks. Seriously, he does--go see for yourself. But second off, he was elected in 2000, an otherwise dismal election year here in Minnesota. It was a race closer than the Presidential race, and that recount dragged on for quite a while also, but he prevailed, against an incumbent he wasn't expected to beat. Mike Krueger, a friend of mine and former State Chair of the Minnesota College Republicans had worked on his campaign all summer, back when he really wasn't expected to win, and no one knew his name. Because of the tiny margin of victory, Kennedy specifically credited the College Republicans with bringing about his victory. After a bit of redistricting, Kennedy handily thrashed his opponent in the 2002 election, and has now grown into a political force to be reckoned with.

And now, thanks in large part to the work of a friend of mine, college students all across the country, and even myself to a very small extent, those who impeded the liberation of Iraq will have a much smaller part in rebuilding it. Admittedly, if Kennedy hadn't been elected, someone else would likely have passed a bill that did the same thing--a Republican congressman from my other state, George Nethercutt, proposed a similar one--but the only reason that's true is because of the beliefs and the work of people like Mike and myself, all across this great country.
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