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Sunday, April 06, 2003


Trapped like a rat
Fox just did an interview with Con Coughlin, editor of the Sunday Telegraph and Saddam Hussein biographer, who has been telling a lot of people that he thinks Saddam is alive. That may well be, but also talked up Saddam's bunkers--as did a German engineer who helped design them. They each consider them pretty well impenetrable, even by our 'bunker buster' bombs, and the latter goes so fas as to say that only a nuclear bomb will crack them.

Why neither of them realizes--as Stephen den Beste did a while ago--that sitting in the bunker is just about the stupidest thing Saddam could do is beyond me. They are, apparently, still thinking in the old style of tactics, where to blow up stuff that's in a bunker, you have to take out the bunker. No longer. Thanks to the handy dandy thermobaric weaponry, all we have to do is find an entryway to the labyrinth, drop one of these suckers in, and--well, goodbye everyone underground. Den Beste has a good analysis of this. And, now that we're slowly gaining control of Baghdad, this is going to become easier and easier (I wonder if they have men searching the airport for a secret passageway?), this will become easier to pull off.

But the truth is, we don't even have to do anything that dramatic. Once our control is more solid, we just need to find an entryway and divert a portion of the Tigris down it. Or killer bees. Or a whole lot of cement. The fact is, when you're underground, gravity is on the side of whoever is trying to kill you.
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