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Wednesday, April 16, 2003


Uhh... hawks don't 'bay'
The only thing that caught my eye regarding James Zogby's article in Arab News was the ridiculous headline: "Having Tasted Blood, US Hawks Baying for More?" Hawks, of course, don't "bay." There's really no one good word for what hawks do, actually--they give a piercing cry, I suppose, though I don't think that does it justice.

At any rate, I only read the first sentence before deciding I had better things to do with my time: "Giddy over their perceived success in Iraq, some neoconservative ideologues are all ready preparing for the next battle." Giddy? Percieved? Ideologues? Percieved? Spare us, please.

I'll share my own thoughts on the next battle momentarily, but this was just too silly to pass up.
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