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Monday, April 28, 2003


Well, this is worrying
You may or may not have heard about the Egyptian man en route to Canada from Brazil, who opened the suitcase he was carrying for someone, saw some white powder, and inhaled it. Suprise! It was anthrax! He's dead now, after "vomiting, internal bleeding and multiple organ failure." The anthrax was almost certainly not aimed at the Great White North, obviously. Joe Katzman at Winds of Change has some chilling reasons why we should be concerned about this. At Little Green Footballs, the first blog, as far as I know, to point out the story, there are the requisite billion comments, among them at least two worth noting. One writes
TO: All
RE: How Does It Feel?

To live in a Tom Clancy novel?
Indeed. And another, on just as ominous a note, points out
So the courier got curious, opened it, took a peak[sic]. Odd smell. Dies.

This time.

Next time?

Call it scare-mongering if you want, but Al Qaeda learn from their mistakes. Two attacks on WTC - first is mildly effective, second far more so. Two attacks on US Navy warships - first mildly effective, second more so.

With Hizb'Allah firmly emplaced in Canada, this won't be the last time stuff like this happens.
I think he's right, but who's to say there even has to be a next time? Who's to say they only had one courier? I would be seriously unsurprised if the terror alert goes up a notch or two and we start screening people from Brazil and Canada a lot more closely. On the other hand, the man died over two weeks ago--one would hope the CIA already picked up on it and has been wary and watchful for those two weeks. It's certainly a nice idea, at any rate...

Of course, it's distincly possible that the couriers were coming from multiple directions. If I were doing it, I'd have sent one from the north (that'd be the dead one, coming in from Canada), one from the south, across the Mexican border, one from the east and one from the west, each on freighters. Fortunately, terrorists tend to not be that smart. And of course, here I go giving them smart ideas. Drat. My own personal terrorism warning level has just been bumped up from a soft, soothing goldenrod to a fairly anxious fuschia, with ominous little white dots. Terror Alert: Unnerving | Freaky Risk of Terrorist Attack
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