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Thursday, May 01, 2003


Bush is cool
I think I've figured out some of the problems that many people have with Bush. He's just plain cool. Seriously, can anyone who saw him wearing a flight suit like he was born in it deny that the man is just plain cool, unless they are tainted by jealousy or partisanship? Bush is cool. And not cool in a high school clique sort of way, either. Cool in a Samuel L. Jackson, sure of himself and unashamed, take no guff and get things done sort of way. It's a piece of what makes him a great leader and a very good president. But there are people who never quite made the distinction between high-school-cool to real-life-cool, and they see Bush as the cool jock who snubbed them in high school. They were the ones who read Hemingway, listened to indie music and never went to a football game in their life. Their aspiration was to be hip.

That's why Clinton did so well among so many. No one can deny that he was hip, any more than they can deny that Bush is cool. He played the saxaphone, talked intelligently, went to Oxford, and so on. And there's nothing wrong with being hip. I'm completely out of my league when I try to be cool, but hipness I can manage occasionally. We all go with our strengths.

But the fact is, cool beats hip any day. Cool is more accessible. Only the most jaded academic can say that getting to fly a plane onto an aircraft carrier would not be cool--or, if the word cool has been stripped of its meaning, then at least that it would be fun thing to do. On the other hand, there is a limited number people who are going to be impressed by an in depth reading of Nietzche.

This is why Bush is going to win reelection in a walk. He's cool. Dole wasn't, his father wasn't, Gore wasn't, and none of the democratic candidates are. Bush has got the political market cornered on cool, and there are few stronger assets to have.
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