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Wednesday, May 07, 2003


Conservative conservationism
From the Conservative Answers to Liberal Problems file, Orrin Judd has a couple posts on why conservatives need to be more friendly to environmental concerns--and also on the barriers to that happening. Namely, too much junk science involved, and too much far-left baggage. This is something I have pondered and am continuing to ponder. How do you balance the right for companies and people to do what they want with their lives and resources with the fact that they have no business dumping those resources into other people's air and water when they are harmful? And how do we determine what resources are harmful and which are not--as Paul Jaminet points out in the comments to the first post, much environmental science and common knowledge is driven by global politics, rather than by truth. But Orrin is right in saying that
If Republicans are to become the majority party again, as they were from the Civil War to the Great Depression, they will need to find ways to talk about and protect the environment. It's just too big an issue, especially among suburban voters, for the GOP to continue to ignore it.
Libertarians will say that Republicans need to claim social libertarianism to become the majority party. I don't buy it. I think that, among other things, they need to look for conservative answers to the typically liberal problems of race and the environment, just as they have done with education. The problem is that the typical spokespeople for those two problems are fiercely partisan to the point of paranoia. Just as in education, an appeal must be made to the base of the pyramid (parents, in the case of education), rather than the top (the teacher's unions, school administrators and "experts"). This will be difficult, but it must be done.
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