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Tuesday, June 03, 2003


And the marginalization continues
Speaking of ineffective protests, Seattle had a mini-riot today, over a Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit seminar entitled "Criminal Intelligence and the War on Terrorism." Why was there protests at all? Not, as you would expect, for failing to use scarequotes with the term "War on Terroroism," but the always (snigger) accurate (chuckle) Indymedia has an explanation. Basically, the LEIU is a private organization of law enforcement agencies from the US and Canada that keeps tabs on extreme lefty protesters (among others--no doubt they keep tabs on extreme righties as well, but Indymedia's not concerned with that, of course). Anyway, there could be no better way than this sort of nincompoopery to convince America of the LEIU's importance and sensibility, and to marginalize the groups supporting it. Who's getting marginalized today? The usual suspects:
Not in Our Name, Hate Free Zone Campaign of Washington, People's Coalition for Justice, No War Against Iraq Coalition, Organized Labor Against the War, American Friends Service Committee, Palestine Solidarity Committee, Code Pink, Radical Women, Seattle Colombia Committee, IWW, Tacoma Leonard Peltier Support Group, Federation of Northwest Anarchist-Communists, Freedom Socialist Party, Green Party, International Socialist Organization, Northwest Animal Rights Network.
At least now we know what the nutcases are doing now that the Iraq war is over.

According to the TV, there's going to be a protest protesting the police behavior at the last protest tommorow at 11 am. Were it not for a job interview tommorow, I'd be down there counterprotesting. I hope some brave souls are there anyway.
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