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Monday, June 02, 2003


Are these the faces you want building your airplanes?
Faces only a Democratic presidential candidate could love
In an effort to convince the Boeing Company that they ought to build the new 7E7 jet here in Everett, the unions and various local and national Democrats have resorted to the "because we said so!" line of reasoning. Presumably, if they scowl and shout enough, the company that has already begun fleeing the People's Republic of Washington for more business-friendly areas will see the light and build the plane in an area that can't go five years without a major machinists' strike, rather than a place where people have the choice (heaven forfend!) to join a union, or not to (saints preserve us!).

I've been listening, and have yet to hear one single identifiable reason why the plane should be built here, aside from the promise to do "whatever it takes" to make sure it happens (which sounds rather ominous, if you ask me). But does "whatever it takes" include weakening the unions, or making the state a Right to Work state? Ha. Not going to happen. My fear is that, in lieu of getting real reforms and structural changes that will help all companies in the area (and, therefore, the area itself) in return for the 7E7, Boeing will opt for short term, personal gains such as corporate welfare and other forms of extortion. This will help Boeing plenty, but the state will continue in its miserable economic status until it does a complete 180. If Boeing takes the 7E7 to a Right to Work or otherwise more conservative state, I hope that conservatives will have the guts to stand up and place the blame squarely where it belongs--the Democrat-Unions symbiotic organism that has been feeding off of this state for far too long.
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