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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Britain: It's still Europe
Another thing I have in common with any conservative worth his salt is that I've gained a respect for Britain that I didn't have before. Although obviously a more liberal country than is respectable, Britain backed us against Saddam and is moving towards privatization and decentralization.

But as this tale points out, they've still got some major societal problems, ones that I'd guess they share with a good portion of the Continent. The quick version: American illusionist David Blaine is pulling the not-so illusory trick of living on only water in a clear plastic box above the Thames for 44 days. Britons see fit to throw lemons at him, throw eggs at him, taunt him, dangle hamburgers over him, hit golf balls at him, flash him, attempt to cut off his water supply and "pull [their] jeans down and perform a semi-naked dance" in front of him. The perpetrator of the latter stunt said that "it's absolutely ridiculous to have this man dangling down in a box like this." But not, of course, to remove one's pants in public and dance around.

Perhaps I'm just naive, but I can't imagine these sorts of things ever happening in the States. Maybe they would--maybe this is just a human nature thing, and this would happen anywhere, or just a Big-City thing, and the same would happen in LA or NY. But I really think that he would get immense amounts more respect in he were doing it anywhere in the US.

To be honest, I think what he's doing is dangerous and stupid--but if you're going to be dangerous and stupid, why do it in London, where people apparently have nothing better to do than to torment you for being dangerous and stupid?

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis noticed this also, and reports that when Blaine pulled a similar stunt in New York, all people did was stare at him. A poster in his comments suggests that it's due to his breaking of the "prime British Commandment: Thou shalt not show off."
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