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Thursday, September 04, 2003


The Green Party: Always good for a laugh
I caught a bit of the Candidates for Governor of California Who Don't Matter Debate. They all came across like they really don't matter. I was certainly impressed with McClintock, who is far too sensible and conservative to ever win statewide office in California, unless things there change drastically. Uberroth strikes me as someone who would do well as an Arnie follow-up, after Californians get used to the idea that Republicans aren't all grandmother-devouring demons from the underworld. Too liberal for my taste, but California probably would like him. Huffington had a wierd obsession with prison guards, and it's hard for me to believe that Bustamente has a shot at becoming the governor of a state the size of California. I had heard he was a lightweight, but wow.

But the best part of any of these debates is the Green Party candidate. The Green Party has come a ways from the days when I couldn't say the phrase without laughing... but not that far a ways. The best quote from the entire debate was this, from Green Party candidate Peter Camejo, when asked about proposition 187:
"I'm opposed to 187. I voted against it, considering it an unconstitutional violation of the UN charter."
I loved that. Still do, as a matter of fact.
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