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Sunday, September 21, 2003


Sympathizer, spy, plant? Or all three? Or none?
A muslim chaplain who worked at the detainee camp in Guantanamo Bay has been arrested and charged with espionage. Instapundit think it sounds like he was planted, Orrin Judd thinks that, combined with the muslim soldier who rolled grenades into his superiors' tents, this is going to make a lot of G. I.'s very nervous, and the best overall analysis and link collection is probably found at Intel Dump.

Not found in any of these, though, is the article that the chaplain, Captain Yee, wrote entitled "Islam: What is there to fear?" that was published this January in "The Wire," the Guantanamo Bay military newsletter. It can be found here (PDF) or here (Google HTML), and, for the most part, is no different from most of the "There's nothing to fear from true Islam, just that nutty stuff" articles that have come out so often in the past two years. This one, however, is a good deal more defensive than most--not to the point that you'd notice anything wierd about it unless you knew that he'd just been arrested for espionage, though.

It might be nothing at all, of course, but this sort of leaping to conclusions/pseudopsychoanalysis always interests me.
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