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Monday, September 22, 2003


Yee Olde Analysis*
Phil Carter at Intel Dump has referenced and added to my hypothesizing about Captain Yee's motives in relation to the article he wrote. Phil suggests that
Putting theological and political debates aside for a second, this is really interesting language to be coming from a U.S. Army chaplain -- regardless of faith. He may have legitimate points to make about Americans' attitudes towards Muslims, and the effect of our ignorance on our tactics and strategy. However, it appears odd to me that an Army chaplain would be the guy to make those arguments. He's part of the team, and not supposed to play the devil's advocate (in any sense).
He goes on to theorize that this article--and possibly the alleged espionage--were in reaction to anti-muslim attitudes at Gitmo.

(* Other possible bad-pun titles: "Go Yee" and "Yee gods!" Rejected because they made no sense)
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