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Tuesday, October 07, 2003


And the winner is...
...Arnold, of course. I've been boldly and arrogantly predicting this outcome since the beginning of September. I'm rarely as confident about an election outcome as I was about this one, so I'm not surprised, but very gratified, to be right.

The other winner in this whole mess was, rather surprisingly, Tom McClintock. McClintock took a lot of flak for not bowing out to Arnie like Issa, Simon and Uberroth did, and some predicted that his political careed would be over because of it. Au contraire, mon ami.

By sticking it out to the end, McClintock may well have saved the recall election. If the only conservative left in the election had dropped out, who's to say that conservatives would even have shown up to the election? And if conservatives don't show up to the election, there's a very good possibility that the recall doesn't pass. I would not be at all surprised if this was McClintock's entire point in sticking around until the end, and think that, even if it wasn't, that's certainly how it should be spun. And why should it be spun that way?

Because McClintock now has more political capital than anyone else in the entire state. Exit polls are showing that he has a 53% favorable rating with the voters of California. The last time a conservative had a 53% favorable rating in California, he won the Cold War. I don't know that McClintock has that kind of future, but winning a senate election, or a later gubenatorial election, are certainly distinct possibilities--as long as the Republican party recognizes his worth. We'll see how things go.
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