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Friday, October 17, 2003


Another voice in the chorus
I'd just like to quickly add my voice to the infuriated chorus of bloggers who find it despicable that the Senate voted to make $10 billion of the money going to Iraq into a loan. Thankfully, no one I've ever voted for was a party to it, and one person I purposefully voted against, Maria Cantwell, was among the four democrats who voted against the amendment--a very pleasant surprise.

The one redeeming feature I can see to the bill is the provision that, as long as Russia, Germany and France forgive a similar amount of debt, we will too. I'm all for using this as a club to get them to forgive the debt, but I can't understand why we should make our decent behavior dependent upon the decent bahavior of Europe.

UPDATE: David Brooks in the NY Times calls the very small minority of Democrats who voted against the amendment the "Cantwell Democrats," naming it after her in large part because she occupies Scoop Jackson's old desk. Even for a partisan like me, it's unescapably sad that there are so few of those left. I wonder if contrasting Cantwell's vote with Murray's will help unseat Murray next year?
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