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Friday, October 03, 2003


Deafening silence
The report of Iraqi WMD being intercepted in Kuwait has been mentioned in many better blogs than mine, and I've been following it there since the Hindustan Times first reported it. Donald Sensing posted a very sensible suggestion on how to tell it was legit using the response of the DoD. If Rumsfield answers questions about it, Sensing suggests, then there's something there. If it's an underling, or if they simply refer reporters to the Kuwaiti government, he suggests that it's probably nothing. The problem is, no one has said anything.

Typically, I would assume that this was nothing at all. But then MSNBC picked it up, quoting a Kuwaiti official as describing the bust as involving "archaeological artifacts" and "other items." It was far too mysterious an answer for there to be nothing there at all.

Now, someone has responded, and the wires are beginning to hum with a bit more information. Unfortunately, it was the UN that responded, and they know about as much about it as I do. And, to top it all off, today's a holiday in Kuwait, so nothing's open.

The silence on this has been deafening, which leads me to believe that something is going on, even if it's not WMD. I predict that, now that the wires--and Fox News--have picked it up, we'll get some answers--but probably not until Monday.
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