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Friday, October 17, 2003


Facts, schmacts
The election that I am currently most excited about is the Louisiana Governor's race, pitting Democrat Kathleen Blanco against Republican Bobby Jindal. Jindal is the 32-year-old Catholic son of Hindu immigrants from India, who already has an amazing list of accomplishments, and it's difficult to imagine anything he can't accomplish.

If you read and understood that paragraph, then you already know more abotu Jindal than College Democrat President Ashley Bell did when she sent out an email that called Jindal an "Arab American" and accused him of being a piece of Republican pandering to that community.

She has since apologized for her error, saying
I love the energy we all put into being politically correct - it keeps us all on our toes. In a recent email describing the Republican Nominee in Louisiana Bobby Jindal, I used what local news has termed Arab American - But in Fact Indian American is the politically correct terminology.
Did you catch the problem there? That's right! It is not "politically incorrect" to call Jindal Arab American, so much as it is "factually incorrect." Just as incorrect as saying he was the President of the University of Arizona, or that he's running for governor of Texas.

But facts mean nothing when it comes to race, of course. Or anything else, for that matter.
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