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Monday, October 27, 2003


Meanwhile, in Belgium...
The Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (that's quite a mouthful--I wonder if it's shorter in Persian?) wants the world to pay attention to Belgium. And not in a good way.

About 250 Iranian refugees have gathered, since last month, at Brussels' U.L.B and U.C.L universities in order to protest against their conditions and the decision of Belgium's authorities to send them back to Iran where several of them will face persecution. Several of these refugees, including women, children and elderly individuals, have started, since October 21st, a Hunger Strike and are in poor health conditions.
I can find nothing about this on Google News, and I know nothing about the US Iranian refugee policy. However, I cannot imagine the State Department ever saying anything even remotely similar to "Iran's becoming secure for the return of Iranian Asylum Applicants." They aske "where is the outrage?" and I am curious as well. If the US were doing something similar, we would be pilloried by the press. But it's Europe, and it's Iran, so there's no reason to cause a ruckus, right?

At the same time, this junior member of the Axis of Weasel has agreed to send a decently large sum of money to help Iraq. But they refuse to send troops. So, it's two to one against Belgium. Doesn't that mean we get to kick them off the island or something?
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