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Thursday, October 09, 2003


Meryl Yourish's "Arafat Deathwatch"
She's carefully watching all the reports of Yassir Arafat's illness, and hoping desperately for him to kick the bucket. I hope the same thing.

I don't particularly like hoping that someone will die, or insisting that Israel's best hope is to kill him. But I do, and it is. It's the best hope for Israel to get some peace, and really is the best hope for the Palestinians to stop being the pawns of Arab nations that don't really care what happens to them. Though I imagine things will get worse there before they get better. She's got a good rundown of what she expects to happen, and it's not pretty, from the Arab point of view. It would be very interesting to hear a more sympathetic take on it, though I'm fairly certain that Meryl's got it in one. I can't imagine the transfer of power going terribly smoothly. I certainly hope it doesn't.
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