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Thursday, October 16, 2003


Money talks
For the first time in memory, a nation is getting a new style currency, and is happy about it. Not the new twenties, but the new Iraqi dinar:
Husan, a 65-year-old contractor, was one of the first customers in line to swap a bag of Saddam Hussein-era money for the new U.S.-developed currency, which doesn't carry the deposed leader's portrait. "I just wanted to get rid of that guy's picture," he said.

"They're so small," said Sabah Hussein, 30, a deliveryman, marveling at the Monopoly-money-size new bills. "It's good. I like it. They will be easier to carry."
Meanwhile, here in the states, the government is spending $32 million dollars to make sure we don't all go nuts over adding some color to the twenty dollar bill. As every article on the subject oh-so-cleverly reminds you, that's 1.6 million new twenties.

To read firsthand about how the currency exchange works, the Coalition Provisional Authority has a page in English on that very subject. It also has images of the new Iraqi currency.
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