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Monday, October 27, 2003


More terror in Baghdad
CNN and Zeyad both have news about the series of car bombings in Baghdad this morning, including an attack on the Red Cross. The Red Cross!

The responses from Europe have been predictable:
UK Foreign Minister Jack Straw reacted with "shock and outrage" to the strikes.

Straw added: "The fact that terrorists have yet again targeted not U.S. or UK troops but an international organization... shows the depth of depravity to which they stoop."

France also condemned the attacks, saying it was proof that the transfer of power from occupying U.S. forces to Iraqi authorities should be speeded up.
It doesn't matter what happens in Iraq--if Santa visited every Iraqi child and gave him a gift of lollipops and a shiny new bicycle, the French would say it was proof the US should leave.

They're partly right--we do need to leave relatively soon, or at least most of our troops do, and we do need to get a real live elected government set up in Iraq. But it needs to be on our terms, not the terrorists'.

Much of the reaction has, unsurprisingly, been shock that the Red Cross was targeted.
"We always believed we were protected by the humanitarian work we do," ICRC spokeswoman Nada Doumani told Reuters after the powerful morning blast on the Red Cross's doorstep on Monday.

"We thought that people knew us and we were protected by the work we did. We thought we were different from the rest."
But you're not. The Red Cross is Western--Western is evil--Western gets attacked. I hope that this outrageous attack is another moral shark-jump for the terrorists, and that more and more previously sympathetic Iraqis recognize that the resistance, both home-grown and imported, is evil and must be stopped. Pray for Baghdad.
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