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Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Saving Terri
I don't know how many people are following it, but one of the most important legal battles this decade is transpiring right now in Florida, as Republicans and Democrats square off over whether or not to kill Terri Schiavo. If you haven't been following it, here are a few posts that sum up the situation, here, here and here.

Suffice it to say, a husband, who stands to inherit a large sum of money that was supposed to pay for treatment for his brain-damaged wife, wants said wife dead, claiming that those were her wishes--it would also conveniently allow him to marry his new fiancee, along with the money. The family of said wife does not want her dead, is willing to care for her, and claims that she is not in the vegetative state that doctors have asserted she is in. A judge recently sided with the husband, and ordered that Schiavo's feeding tube be removed, letting her starve to death.

This is among the most disgusting things I have ever come across in this nation. As Paul Jaiminet says in the first 'here,'
It seems to me that as a matter of justice, if in the whole world 6 billion people want to see a woman starve to death, and one -- just one -- wants to feed her, that one ought to be free to feed the woman. To use the power of the state to prevent such feeding is a gross abuse of the police power."
And it is, and the fact that some people do not see it this way disturbs me to no end. Now, however, soon after the Florida legislature passed a bill specifically to allow him to do so, Jeb Bush has signed an executive order, demanding that the feeding tube be reinserted, over the protestations of some Democrats. Here's the Senate version of the bill, and the House version. The House has a list of who voted for or against the bill--no party listings, but from the press coverage, it sounds as if nearly all the Nays (of which there were far too many) were Democrats. Raise your hand if you're surprised.

I am very thankful that Bush and the legislature did this, but I don't think it's over. Not only are they challenging the "culture of death," as some have called it, but also the mentality that judges are infallible and omnipotent, able to have a woman killed with the wave of a hand. Each of them make me sick, but each are powerful opponents. It will be interesting, to say the very least, to see how this saga ends.
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