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Thursday, November 27, 2003


Bush is cool, part deux
And again, Bush proves that he is just plain cool. This whole "secretly flying into Iraq for Thanksgiving" thing was not only a masterful bit of leadership, but among the coolest (and gutsiest) things a president has ever done. Did Truman ever visit Germany or Japan?

The last time Bush reminded the nation that he was cool was in May, when he landed the plane on the aircraft carrier. Then, as now, Democrats set themselves apart from the rest of the nation by their first reaction. Your average American immediately thought "Wow. That is so cool." The average Democrat immediately thought, "oh, great, another PR stunt by the President Select." All Bush has to do to win in a landslide next year is to keep reminding the public of the difference between the two.

The Brothers Judd have a good roundup of the press reactions.

UPDATE: Iraqi blogger Alaa has labeled Bush as Avenger of the Bones. The coolness just continues.
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