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Wednesday, November 05, 2003


Dodging the issue
The only interaction I had with CNN's "Rock the Vote" thing last night was an invitation by the College Republicans to go make fun of the candidates in front of some local media, and my frustration at the fact that CNN felt that their little hoe-down was more important than the actual elections taking place. According to Jonah Goldberg, though, I didn't miss much.

Conspicuously missing from what I didn't miss, however, was any reference to the recent polls showing that college students are more Republican than Democrat. Gee, I wonder why in the world that got left out. I'm certainly curious as to what the reaction would have been to a question about that. It sounds like they were too busy trying to be hip to recognize the dinosaur-like nature of the "young people are liberal" meme that "Rock the Vote" is designed to propagate. Too bad. Could have been even more entertaining than the Sharpton-Dean staredown.

UPDATE: Well, as it turns out, someone did ask that question. Unfortunately, it was to Al Sharpton, not someone who matters. He, unsurprisingly, dodged the issue--so my title still stands. His bizarre premise was that too many Democrats have been acting like Republicans, so young people support Bush. He went on to explain that if Democrats acted more liberal, they would do better at wooing young people, who identify themselves more as conservative. Got that?
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