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Friday, November 21, 2003


Oh, to be young and...cynical?
I apologize for my generation. According to Ken Ringle of the Washington Post, I and my fellow Americans of less than twoscore years have failed to properly honor the light that was John F. Kennedy. We are cynics, the products of a cynical age, and cannot fully comprehend the import, the majesty, and the passion of the Kennedy Era--not only that, but we have sullied this latter-day knight by suggesting that he was "that philandering hypocrite who got us into Vietnam; the overprivileged offspring of a Nazi apologist and near-mobster whose millions bought his son the 1960 election." And so I apologize, Mr. Ringle, for being one of that irreverent horde.

But before I am finally condemned, I would like to present a hero of my own as an alternative to the black-and-white newsreel of remembered glory. A man Mr. Ringle accuses of lacking leadership, but who eclipses President Kennedy in his decisive foreign policy and tactical use of force when faced with many of the same situations that confronted his predecessor. As John Kennedy saw the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Bush has seen 9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq. JFK had De Gaulle, Bush has Chirac (Okay, some things never change). Kennedy faced one nation with nuclear weapons and brought the world to a breathless standstill in October of 1962. Though surrounded by nuclear proliferation, involved in two wars, and suffering an attack on US soil, Bush has remained free from Cold War doomsday scenarios.

Is my generation cynical? Absolutely. We live in a world unimaginably more dangerous than that inhabited by the generation of the Sixties. But we have our heroes too. You'll forgive us, then, if we spend our time supporting and praying for the living men and women who struggle daily to preserve our freedom, rather than in mourning for a dubious hero long dead.
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