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Saturday, November 29, 2003


Politics vs. policy
A commenter at Tacitus's site said, regarding the downright bizarre behavior by some on the left regarding Bush's trip to Baghdad: "sometimes good politics and good policy intersect." To which I say "of course they do."

The hope that any democracy is founded upon is that very hope--that good politics will invariably intersect good politics at least more than half the time. Where this doesn't happen, democracy is doomed.

Bush did not just press a button that made lots of mindless automotons decide to vote for him. He did a concrete act, and a dang gutsy one, at that. Many Americans consider this act to be a Good Thing, and so are more inclined to vote for him. Those who think that this was just a publicity stunt done to boost his ratings should take a deep breath, sit back and think about why this will boost his ratings.

You may well think that, despite risking his life and giving up Thanksgiving with his family to spend some time with the troops, Bush doesn't really care about them, and was only doing this because of those political gains. You can feel free to think that, but the fact remains that he actually did something good for them that they appreciated, and that guessing at his motives is simply a silly and pointless thing to do.

My hope is that good policy and good politics continue to intersect for George W. Bush and the Grand Old Party, at least until the War on Terror is in its final stages, and I can snag a Retirement Investment Account, rather than pay into Social Security. Sound good to anyone else?
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