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Wednesday, November 05, 2003


The South shouldn't get all the fun...
Via Shark Blog (which, it turns out, is from Seattle, despite the California flag so proudly displayed), I've learned that state senator Dino Rossi just announced his intention to run for Governor. This is very good news, as Rossi looks to be exactly the sort of candidate we need; that is to say, he's from the Western half of it. And not only that, but he's from King County! And how cool of a name is "Dino?" I really don't know much about him beyond what I read in the article linked above (and now, this one), but any Republican who inspires a Seattle Times writer to use the term "dazzled" in the lead is a-ok by me. Especially when the context is considered:
State Sen. Dino Rossi, a suburban conservative who dazzled colleagues by closing a $2.5 billion budget gap without higher taxes, plans to run for governor.
And there's more good news--not only do Stefan Sharkansky and I think it's a good idea, but so does President Bush and even state Republican Chairman Chris Vance.

I'm not a big fan of Chris Vance, for reasons I will detail later on, but I think he's right that Rossi is a better candidate than the other currently announced gubernatorial candidate, Fredrico Cruz-Uribe, who could be a very good candidate in the future, with some actual political experience under his belt. And maybe a website. That could help.

Rossi, though, looks like a candidate I'll be happy to volunteer for, once I get back home.
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