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Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Wesley Clark's secret identity?
Compare this post from Wesley Clark's blog, with the following posting from Harry Knowles' AintItCoolNews.com entertainment site.

Wesley Clark? Or a professional fanboy?Clark:
Brrr...weather change in New Hampshire....but an incredibly warm reception. Met some great Vets and caregivers over at the VA in Manchester. We should need to fully resource our Vets...they've earned it! And we had a great meeting with the American Legion here, too. Lots of support.

It's a tremendous honor to be in this race, and agreat responsibility, too...our country is at stake in this election more than it has been for decades.

This could become a golden moment for America...if only we can help people see the choice and make the right decision!
Harry Knowles? Or a clever disguise?Knowles:
I hope that whatever they come up with for SUPERMAN, that they pay attention to what MARVEL has been doing, in that... the original costumes and looks of the heroes are VERY IMPORTANT. They're iconic. Nobody wants to see glitter glam-rock Superman... Nor does anyone particularly want to see Superman looking anything like NEO. He needs to look exactly like SUPERMAN, otherwise... just call him something else and don't [uhh, go potty] on Superman. Oh wow, can't believe that soapbox held my weight? It must be an alien soapbox!

Note the similarities: an overabundance of elipses, a colloquial use of the exclamation mark, sentences that don't make sense the way they're written... seriously, as anyone ever seen the two of them in a room together? And consider the other similarities. They've both been mercilessly mocked by James Lileks. They both sound like nutjobs when they talk about 9-11. Neither of them have ever held political office. Neither of them has a real shot at the Democratic nomination. Coincidence? I think not.

Though I didn't have to censor Clark's post... hm. Maybe his Knowles persona is where he gets all his swearing out?
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