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Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Case Studies: a true miserable failure, and a great president
I'm going to agree with the various people who have pointed out that President George W. Bush is far from a miserable failure, and that the real miserable failure is, in fact, Jimmy Carter. Jay Solo outlines some of the reasons why.

It's hard to see Bush as a miserable failure, when he has accomplished essentially everything he set out to do--Medicare reform, perscription drug benefits, No Child Left Behind and the energy bill. He also did some things that weren't necessarily on his original to do list, such as deposing the Taliban and deposing Saddam. His only campaign promise yet to be fulfilled is Social Security Reform, which he will be campaigning on hard for 2004. We won't know how his policies will affect things for a while, but as a politician, it is ridiculous to call him a miserable failure, especially when we all know who the real miserable failure is. In fact, like some people, I think he is a rather great president.
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