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Thursday, December 25, 2003


From France with love
It's hard to tell, but it sounds as if Al-quaeda, or some Al-quaeda wannabe group has failed, again, to pull off an attack, this one apparently planned to be very similar to the September 11 attacks, with one major difference. Instead of taking off from within the US, the targeted flights were bound from France.

This should make it fairly apparent that the US is doing a lot of things right in regards to working towards homeland security. The fact is that our systems are too tight for these people to even think about trying an airplane-related attacks from within the US again. The fact that they can't even pull it off from France of all places. What does that say about their organizational skills, compared to ours?

But I don't think that, even if they make it onto the plane, there will ever be another terrorist attack just like Sept. 11. The passengers won't stand for it. I know if anyone tries it on a plane I'm in, they'll have at least one angry American to deal with before they do anything evil. And I think the terrorists know this too. So were they counting on the French not to fight back? Do they see the French as... well, as the people Americans tend to see them as? Something to think about.
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