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Sunday, December 14, 2003


'Ladies and gentlemen: we got him!'
Got him!Well, this is a very good day, isn't it? InstaPundit and The Command Post have good roundups. Omar, Ays and Alaa have reactions from the Iraqi side of things.

This is absolutely wonderful--catching him alive means that any conspiracy theories floating around Iraq about the US and Saddam being in league will be cut off. It means we can keep him around, and he will be in the news more, instead of him just dying and disappearing (like, say Osama bin Laden). It means no one can deny that we got him (like they do, say, with Osama bin Laden). It means that the wind will go out of quite a few terrorist sails, and the $750,000 he had with him will be kept out of their pockets, plus there is the possibility that we can get him to call for an end to the resistance (though I agree with Josh Chafetz about the probable sequence of events afterwards). It means that tyrants everywhere have a live moving picture of their possibly future if they wish to remain America's enemy. It means that we can surprise European journalists who expect us to "just bomb somewhere off the face of the earth."

It also has some very interesting ramifications for the presidential race. One one hand, it heightens the idea that there are many Americans, most of them Dean supporters, who would rather we fail, and are distraught about Saddam's capture. Just like another important day in Iraq's history, this is good news for everyone but a few. Tim Blair has a round-up of these few. Hopefully, this will demarcate more clearly for the American people the differences between Dean's ilk and the rest of humanity. When something that is obviously good news for the American people is bad news for you, you are likely not to get all that many votes from those American people.

Second, it introduces into the campaign, via Joe Lieberman, a new way of pulling off that demarcation: the death penalty. Says Joe:
This evil man has to face the death penalty. The international tribunal in The Hague cannot order the death penalty, so my first question about where he's going to be tried will be answered by whether that tribunal can execute him. If it cannot be done by the Iraqi military tribunal, he should be brought before an American military tribunal and face death.
This is and will be a hotly debated topic in the upcoming
And here's something interesting to note: the last time a dictator was captured in this manner, it was Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania. I hope he gets the
same treatment, though perhaps not televised... on the other hand...

Anyway, this is a great day for our country, a great day for our great president, and a great day for Iraq!
Agree, disagree, have more information on the topic? Please, feel free to leave a comment. No profanity!

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