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Monday, December 08, 2003


Well, that's not good
A couple dozen weather rockets jury-rigged to be dirty bombs have gone missing from the seperatist enclave of Transdniester in Moldova. This is a bad thing. What is interesting, though, is who will probably get their hands on them:
Transdniester weapons exports also have been traced to the breakaway Abkhazia region, in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, and to war zones in the Congo and Ivory Coast, according to Moldovan officials and independent weapons experts.
Note who is absent from that list: Al Quaeda and Chechen seperatists, the two who, conventional wisdom would say are most likely to use this sort of thing. That doesn't mean that those groups don't have those weapons, but it does make it less likely (praise God). But someone does, and will probably use them if they aren't stopped. But it is very likely, I think, that the first use of one of these will be in some obscure backwater, such as the Congo, by a group of relatively obscure rebels. If and when that happens, it will be interesting to see how the world reacts to that tweaking of conventional wisdom.
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