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Friday, January 23, 2004


More Dean
Dean's just too entertaining not to pay attention to. I seriously hope he doesn't fizzle out as quickly as it looks like he may--in part because a horserace primary is better for Republicans, and in part because... well, this guy's funny!

He's not generally intentionally funny, but yesterday was an exception. I don't typically watch David Letterman, but I managed to catch the top ten list: The Top Ten Ways I, Howard Dean Can Turn Things Around. The best one: "No. 1: Oh, I don't know -- maybe fewer crazy, redfaced rants." So true. I gained a modicum of respect for him there.

Unfortunately, I lost most of it this morning after reading this article on the taping. It was apparently a less organic experience than one would hope, which isn't to surprising. What was a bit more surprising was that he apparently really doesn't have a sense of humor:
No. 3: I can't give specifics yet, but it involves Ted Danson."

Here, Dean paused, confused. An aide realized the problem: "The guv doesn't understand the Danson one." Dean, who doesn't have cable TV at home, was reminded that Danson was the actor on Cheers. Ah, yes. But he still didn't seem sure what the joke was.
Unfortunately, I think that the joke is his rapidly failing candidacy.
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