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This here blog is a glimpse or two or three at the condition of the 'fortress of our family' through the eyes Timothy Goddard, a Christian writer with an unhealthy interest in politics living in the Puget Sound area.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004


What am I up to, you ask?
Where have I been on this whole "New Hamshire Primary" thing, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. For one, I've been depressed that Kerry appears to be running away with this thing. I want entertainment, dangit! And I don't just mean the "Dean says ridiculous things" sort of entertainment, because Kerry has proved that he can be just as unintentionally hilarious. I want a horse race to the end! I want a brokered convention! Ah, well. My only hope is that the South will rise again, and we'll get a good showing from the southerners, turning this into an ugly north-south battle. That would be sweet.

But mainly, I've been busy. With what? A paper on the PATRIOT Act, which I may link to, and, more importantly, working on getting my first book published--which I will certainly link to. I just sent my first work off to the awe-inspiring publishing house of iUniverse.com, along with a somewhat substantial sum of money. Technically, that's not how publishing is supposed to work. But, really, it's a lot less depressing than a whole slew of rejection letters, and it makes it more likely that people will actually read the stuff I write. So I'm tentatively in favor of this whole "self-publishing" thing. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tommorow morning it's off to Ohio for a while, and then back here for my final semester of undergrad work. And then it's on to Washington and Oregon and Texas and--oh, sorry, that joke's dead now. I forgot.
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