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Monday, January 19, 2004


What they hey? One more wild guess
I've got no clue about who's going to win the caucuses today: I've got pretty much no experience predicting caucuses, and I'm really no good at predicting elections, either. But, based on the highly scientific method of assigning the fates of the four frontrunners to the fates of each player in a game of Samurai Swords, my roommates and I came up with the following order: Kerry, Gephardt, Dean, Edwards.

Honestly, I think Dean had better win this, or he's really in trouble. The caucus system seems tailor made for his campaign, but if the polls they were showing on FoxNews last night are true, his support is heading into the toilet in Iowa. But then again, as Gephardt desperately kept reminding everyone, it's not what people actually want that matters, but who shows up at the caucus.

Meanwhile, go read what Mickey Kaus has to say about the Iowa system. Should be a fun day!
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