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Wednesday, February 25, 2004


From the Blindingly Obvious, Yet Disturbing files
The headline reads, "USA's Youth At High Risk For Venereal Diseases" Well, duh. But then the disturbing part--fully half of American young people will, according to this study, get venereal diseases by the time they are 25. This number lines up eerily well with the fact that half of all high school students have had sex.

But then read the reasons that are given for this--"because so many are single, have a series of partners and fail to recognize their risk." Oh, right! Just "recognize the risk!" That's all people need to do. Once they recognize the risk, they will no longer be at risk, and can go on their merry way. Of course, the researchers discard abstinence as a strategy, despite the fact that that would solve all the problems. Instead, we should all use condoms! Why? Well, "other studies have shown that condoms prevent the spread of HIV and reduce the risk of other STDS."

Come again? Condoms "prevent the spread of HIV," but only "reduce the risk" of other STDS? How does that work? Are condoms imbued with some sort of magical anti-HIV potion? Or perhaps if they admitted that condoms only "reduce the risk" of HIV infection, then it wouldn't sound like such a good idea. But let's face it--the best you're ever going to get with a condom is a reduction in risk. Insisting otherwise is ridiculous, and downright dangerous.
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