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Saturday, February 07, 2004


Good news from Washington State
After the rather disheartening news about Jennifer Dunn retiring, it's nice to hear--from a Democrat, no less--about the chance that Dino Rossi has of taking the Governor's mansion. In regards to a January 30 gubernatorial debate, an anonymous Dem state legislature said:
Amazed at how real and smooth Rossi is. Great packaging. Upbeat, and talking like a person might actually want to be talked to. Very convincing on how government must do better. Clintonesque.
Gregoire and Talmadge were terrible: they looked bad and used way too muchinsider political jargon, and defended the status quo (dumb).
I just watched the debate objectively, and Rossi won by a landslide. I could see voting for Rossi. Check this race out when you can, it could be a big-time upset.
I like what I hear--but I like even more the fact that Jay Buhner is campaigning for Rossi!

If you're in Washington and are interested in watching the debate, it will be rebroadcast today at 8 pm on TVW, and can be listened to here.

Mitch Rosen's blog, whence this wonderful nugget of news came, is definitely one to watch for those who want to keep track of Washington State politics.
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